Introducing 10,000 distinguished Benjamin Franklins with the goal of helping those in need. 70% of proceeds go directly to people living in poverty.


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(Some are more distinguished than others.)

What is a BenFT?

Each BenFT portrait is a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art designed by Jason Thomas that you can buy, trade, or sell as NFTs secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to GiveDirectly, a data-driven non-profit specializing in direct cash transfers to the impoverished, a majority of each purchase will benefit those who need it most! Plus, each BenFT acts as an entry to all future giveaways. See more below!

What are NFTs?

NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens,” as opposed to fungible tokens like Bitcoin. Similar to painting a picture on a $100 dollar bill (and changing its value compared to other bills), NFTs are like a “painting” on top of programmable coins like Ethereum. No one can modify an NFT's record of ownership or copy/paste a duplicate into existence. To buy one, you’ll need a crypto wallet, like MetaMask.

BenFT Wall Art

Why Get a BenFT?

Apart from their charm and charitable contribution, Jason is personally crafting and giving away over 100 museum quality, real-life replicas of select BenFTs to holders and fans - including custom paintings and recreations on real $100 bills! Other raffles include NFTs by SKYCORP®, Joel Thomas, and more! Click here if you’d like to discuss donating an NFT to the cause.

What are the details?

Each BenFT is stored as an ERC-721 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain with a 70% primary sale donation to GiveDirectly coded directly into the verified smart contract (see on OpenSea). Minting will take place on November 6th, 2021, for a flat fee of 0.1 ETH + gas. A 2.5% royalty on each resale will also benefit GiveDirectly. Of the 10,000 total supply, 175 will be selected at random and reserved for collaborator compensation and giveaways. Each BenFT comes with a non-exclusive commercial usage license for the duration of ownership.

Jason Thomas

Who is Jason Thomas?

Jason Thomas (that’s me 🤪) is a professional designer with a lifelong passion to help others and delight, inspire, and educate through art and storytelling. He got his start in entertainment working on The Walking Dead and currently works for the film & TV production asset maker KitBash3D. With NFTs, he saw the opportunity to rethink the way art, entertainment, and experiences are distributed, and he couldn’t be more excited!

Special Thanks

Forget Jason, BenFTs wouldn’t be possible without:



After the first 10% of BenFTs are sold, we'll announce the reveal date (to see your BenFT) and launch our first GIVEAWAY! It'll be sick - plus, we'll get an update from GiveDirectly on their progress.


Giveaway #2 commences - including 1/1 NFTs and high quality, hand-painted reproductions of select BenFT portraits on canvas and actual $100 bills. We'll also check in with GiveDirectly for each milestone.


Giveaway #3 begins! You're seeing a trend aren't you? We'll also - you guessed it - check in with GiveDirectly for updates.


Giveaway #4 is initiated! Win NFTs from other popular series! (to be announced...)


Introducing Giveaway #5! As a thank you for getting us halfway to our fundraising goal, this prize will be extra special.


Giveaway #6 launches. Will it be NFTs? Physical artworks? Ethereum? Try all three.


Giveaway #7! We're almost there! This kind of money raised for GiveDirectly will be HUGE for whole communities - and it'll all be thanks to you. So proud.


It's time to celebrate with giveaway #8! Couldn't resist that rhyme.


Giveaway #9 will only be surpassed in awesomeness by the final giveaway. Stay tuned!


We did it! Thanks to your extraordinary generosity, we raised millions of dollars for people in need! The total will depend on the price of Ethereum, but suffice it to say the impact will be resounding. We'll celebrate the monumental occasion with the final and grandest giveaway!